Wallaroo Congress

by Venomous Koala Orgy

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This band we hate, Wallaroo Congress, put their show posters up over ours and we think that really sucks!


Wallaroo Congress!
Voted to defund the fire department.
They take forever opening candy at the movie theater.
Their alarm clocks go off all day when they're away.
They gave Avatar 10 stars on IMDB.
They never use their turn signals.
The keyboard player claims he knit his hat but he stole it off a hobo.
Can you fucking believe that?

They syphon gas from school buses.
They're really bad listeners.

Wallaroo Congress!
Leave empty milk cartons in the fridge.
Their drummer is a vague-booker; what the fuck is he posting about?
They say they're five minutes away when they haven't even left the house yet.
I wish they'd be more fucking considerate, man.
I got a life, too, you know.

Did you know?
That most doctors agree an anesthetic should be used during circumcision?
Usually a numbing creme.
Followed by an injection.
An acetaminophen is often inserted into the anus of the infant.

Wallaroo Congress!
Voted to defund the fire department.
They drive away before their passengers are safely inside the vehicle.
Did I mention they really loved Avatar? (Un-fucking-believable, man).

Wallaroo Congress!
They draft fantasy football teams and then never show up to manage them.
If you play their songs backwards, they're still fucking shitty.
Nice try! (You fucking rats)


released April 4, 2014
written and performed by Venomous Koala Orgy (Shayla, Damien, Arlo).


all rights reserved



Venomous Koala Orgy Bellingham, Washington

Three sort-of friends. We have a band.

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