Wait! (Don't Drop That Lint)

by Venomous Koala Orgy

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We wrote this song after our bass player accidentally switched his instrument with a case full of cocaine.


Before you drop that lint.
You better think about it.

Droppin' trash on a druglord's floor can be fun,
after accidentally switching a bass for a kilo of coke and a very big gun.
But think twice before you put 'em on craigslist,
or you'll be served with a cease and desist.

You better wait a minute more,
before you snuggle with those drugs on your practice room floor.
You'll be the queen of this cartel if your cocaine's organic.
So take a bump, snort a line,
but please, baby, please, baby, please don't panic.

(But if you) Stop! And use some common sense,
you won't be stuck dealing with the consequence.
You better wait before you gat that crackhead.
You don't wanna go to jail for gattin' a crackhead.

Wait before you blow it.
Don't flush that precious product down the toilet.
You better wait.
Oooo, wait.

Don't drop that lint.
Think about it.
Don't drop that lint.


released September 4, 2013
written and performed by Venomous Koala Orgy (Damien, Shayla, Arlo).


all rights reserved



Venomous Koala Orgy Bellingham, Washington

Three sort-of friends. We have a band.

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